sleepbase team

Updated: October 11th, 2018

Sleepbase is a team of reviewers, journalists, developers & designers based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Our combined skillset is researching the best products & finding the best prices to buy them.

We’ve been reviewing products, comparing prices and running forums for over 10 years so we’re excited to pull our talents together for a subject close to our hearts – sleep!

One of us falls asleep the moment their head hits the pillow. Another battles insomnia every night.

The goal of sleepbase is to narrow that gap and bring better sleep to everyone.

Through researching the best buys for sleep related products. From mattress to bed frames, sleep masks to snoring aids – we’re obsessively hunting the best designed, most comfortable, insanely useful products.

We’re also nose deep in the science of sleep to find the best methods for healthy sleeping.