Leesa Mattress Reviews

Leesa Mattress Reviews

Updated: December 20th, 2018

Leesa is the full package. From the mattress to customer service, trial period, refunds, shipping & active approach to philanthropy.
Mattress Guides
The Leesa cradles and contours without that ‘sinking’ feeling and delivers a balance of support and comfort night after night.
Sleep Sherpa
I have slept on beds in excess of $3,500 and the Leesa Mattress provides just as much if not more comfort at a fraction of the price.
Mattress Clarity
One of the best balances of comfort and support, and is actually very comfortable in all of the three main sleeping positions.
Memory Foam Talk
The memory foam construction & Avena foam does a good job of providing balance and pressure relieving support.
Sleep Scouts
Social Impact – they donate mattresses, plant trees, support the local community, and there’s even an art gallery.
Should I buy it? Yes - this Best Buy is suitable for everyone and is one of the best mattresses we've tested in recent years.
Consumer Reports
In the durability test, analysing damage over a period of up to 8 years of simulated use, this mattress performed excellent.
Sleepscore: 86
Average score from leading mattress review websites.
Owner score: 86
Average rating from over 12,000 owner reviews

Reviewing Leesa reviews

We’ve spent days studying Leesa mattress reviews, awards, videos and articles. This page is the result – a condensed one-stop guide to the Leesa mattress. Spoiler alert – this is the mattress I currently sleep on and I love it – you can read my personal Leesa mattress review here.

On this page you’ll get an overview of Leesa mattress reviews from experts and owners with informative quotes, pictures and videos along the way.

Buying a mattress online without being able to test it first demands a leap of faith. Our guide to the Leesa mattress is your personal wingsuit… rope bridge… erm, you get the idea – we’re here to help you make it to the other side to a mattress you love!

Leesa mattress in a nutshell

The Leesa is an all foam mattress made from three different layers. A top 5cm layer of cooling Avena foam also adds bounce.

Below that is a 5cm layer of memory foam providing body contouring and pressure relief. Lastly a 15cm layer provides core support and stability.

The lowdown on Leesa

Turns out I’ve a random fact in common with David Wolfe, the CEO of Leesa Sleep. In 1994 we both left the UK to live in America. I studied art and returned home four years later (totally skint).

David stayed and ended up founding a worldwide mattress brand worth millions.

Okay, give me a minute while I reconsider my life choices!

In 2004 David began selling memory foam mattresses via newspaper ads. When the market dried up the company wound down but the mattress idea re-emereged in the form of Leesa in 2014 with co-founder Jamie Diamonstein.

Their mission was to simplify the mattress process and “take out all the ‘stuff’ that’s been added for years to justify higher prices.” That mission saw them become one of the fastest growing companies in the US.

Not long after David brought Leesa to the UK, near where he grew up in in North Cheshire. The mattresses are manufactured in Derbyshire and their offices are in the centre of Manchester.

The heart and soul of Leesa

Leesa stand out from most other mattress companies we’ve reviewed because of their commitment to social responsibility. How many company CEOs list ‘ending homelessness’ as part of their mission statement? Here’s how buying a Leesa mattress contributes to local communities and the health of the planet:

  • Leesa has donated over 17,000 mattresses through their One-Ten Program with one Leesa mattress being donated to a homeless/recovery centre for every 10 sold.
  • Leesa’s ‘One Earth’ initiative sees one tree planted for every mattress sold.
  • Leesa’s ‘One Community’ donates staff time and resources to help support local and national organisations.
Leesa donations - Leesa mattress reviews
Donating £15,000 of Leesa mattresses to Manchester charity Mustard Tree and Betel UK.

Leesa’s humanitarian efforts saw them recently awarded B-Corporation certified status – the company version of what FairTrade is to coffee.

Expert Reviews – 86%

Average rating from test reviews & leading mattress expert websites

Now we know that Leesa carry the torch for ethical engagement how do they rate when it comes to the quality of their mattress? It’s time to bring in the experts. Some of whom appear to be carrying some shiny award like objects…

Leesa mattress awards

If you had to win three awards based on expert mattress testing these three are about as good as it gets. A Which Best Buy award includes simulating 10 years of use and a wide range of comfort and durability tests.

Passing the Good Housekeeping Institute’s consumer Quality Assessment Test is no mean feat either. Verity Mann, their Head of Testing, said the Leesa was ‘a cleverly engineered mattress… enabling a good night’s sleep with optimum comfort.’

Leesa Mattress Reviews - Which Best Buy
Which Best Buy
“Supportive, really durable, very stable, breathable, easy to turn on”.
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Good-housekeeping-approved - Leesa mattress reviews
Good Housekeeping Approved
Overall it scored 10/10, with maximum marks across design and performance.
Read full review…
The Sweethome Top Pick
SweetHome Top Pick
Over 40 hours of research & tests saw Leesa get the top pick from 15 mattresses.
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The Sweethome’s Top Pick

The most extensively researched seal of approval has to go to review site The Sweethome. It’s probably my favourite review site as they’re so meticulous in their testing.

After 40 hours of research, sleeping on 15 different mattresses, surveying over 600 people, interviewing physicians and mattress experts they finally declared Leesa ‘The Best Foam Mattresses You Can Buy Online’.

“All five of the people we asked to test our mattress candidates preferred the feel of the Leesa to that of the other finalists, both on the spot and during overnight sleep.”

All of their testers and most Leesa owners they asked said the Leesa mattress hit the sweet spot of firmness and comfort. If you’re seriously considering buying a Leesa mattress it’s worth reading the Sweethome’s review in full.

Leesa Mattress Reviews - Inside The Leesa mattress layers
Inside view of the Leesa mattress to prevent the overly curious from cutting their own Leesa in half.

Key Points From Mattress Reviewers

Michael Magnuson from GoodBed.com enjoyed the way the Avena foam provided a bouncy upper layer in combination with the slower responsive memory foam layer underneath…

“It looks great, it feels great and when you lay down it’s got a really unique feeling on your body.”

Derek Hale reviewed mattresses of all price ranges for Sleepopolis for years yet he chose to make the Leesa his main mattress. Here’s what he said about the Leesa after two years of use:

Since launching Sleepopolis I’ve tested over 100 different mattresses. Leesa continues to be one of the top tier picks on the market and one of the best overall mattress values available both on or offline.

Leesa’s commitment to ethical causes resonated strongly with Derek and he clearly loved the feel of the mattress in everyday use. His summation is most noteworthy – “an exceptional mattress from an exceptional company.”

Not got your head around those foam layers yet? How about if they fell from the sky in the right order?

Consumer Reports praised the Leesa’s durability but, like the Casper Mattress, they criticised its lack of handles for turning.

Owner Reviews – 86%

Average rating from over 12,000 reviews by Leesa mattress owners

Analysing Leesa Mattress reviews by owners

With over 11,000 owner reviews on Leesa’s website you don’t have to go far to find customers raving about their purchase. Like this one from Tyler G:

“My wife and I decided to purchase a Leesa after doing a TON of research on “bed in a box” products. We had been sleeping on an innerspring mattress for 10+ years and knew it was time for a change. My wife woke up with a sore back every morning and I generally wasn’t comfortable. Since buying the Leesa, she no longer has back issues and I look forward to sleeping each night.”

Choosing between the Leesa and Casper

Helping with lower back pain was frequently mentioned in Leesa reviews. However, the review I found most useful came from a couple upgrading their mattress and decided to try the bed-in-a-box mattresses being offered online. They ordered both the Casper & Leesa but decided to keep the Leesa. Here’s Jessica P explaining why…

“I am a mostly back, sometimes side sleeper, and my husband is a mostly side sometimes back and stomach sleeper. I really enjoyed the Casper actually, as it is more firm for back sleepers, but it was too hard for my husband. The Leesa is not as firm as the Casper, but not by a ton; it was still firm enough for my back sleeping and I did not experience any lower back pain (like I usually do if the bed is too soft) by the tail end of the 100 night free trial. And it definitely was more comfortable for side sleeping, which I think I’ll appreciate more in the future when I’m pregnant and will need to sleep on my side more often.”

Another reviewer, Jennifer S, echoes Jessica’s opinion:

It’s the perfect compromise for a couple where one person prefers a firmer mattress and the other a softer one. We’re both happy.

Olympic mega-champion Michael Phelps is rather fond of it too.

Lessa Mattress Reviews - Michael Phelps
News just in… Leesa’s sleep ambassador confirms he likes the Leesa mattress. Phew.

So is life a bed of roses for every Leesa owner or are some lessa than impressed? (ahem)

This Amazon.com reviewer Eddie, wanted to love the Leesa mattress but found it slept hot, the chemical smell continued longer than expected and the edge support wasn’t great. He acknowledged that it’s just his personal preference and he isn’t a big fan of the memory foam feel. His final point is especially relevant:

“The sleeping hot and just the overall tendencies of memory foam aren’t for me, despite the ridiculous amount of advertising that tries to tell me these mattresses are for everybody.”

While the Leesa is designed to suit the majority of sleeping styles and preferences it isn’t for everybody. Some people just prefer the feel of a traditional spring mattress to the foam feel.

Guide to Leesa mattress reviews

Here’s a few pointers to help you navigate wisely through Leesa mattress reviews.

  1. The best website for owner reviews
    The Leesa owner ratings on SleepLikeTheDead are super helpful. Mattresses are rated in various categories from whether it needs a topper to how easy it is to lift. It adds up to an illustrative guide to the Leesa mattress from owner’s experiences.
  2. Eliminate suspicious reviews
    Check the trustability of Leesa reviews on Amazon (UK & US) using ReviewMeta. Read their UK and US analysis of Leesa mattress reviews (adjust criteria settings to suit).
  3. Don’t forget video reviews
    Watching an unbiased Leesa video review from an expert can give you a much better idea of the mattress than words only. It’s as close as you’ll get to visiting a mattress showroom without any of the hard sell.

Leesa owner review scores

Average customer rating shown below. Visit each link for full reviews.

Amazon UK
Over 35 Leesa mattress reviews.
Google Shopping
Over 200 Google customer reviews.
Leesa UK
Over 11000 Leesa mattress reviews.
Amazon US
Over 600 Leesa mattress reviews.
Over 180 Leesa mattress reviews.
Over 200 Leesa mattress ratings.

Best Video Review

If you only watch one Leesa mattress video review video, this is this one

Derek Hales no longer owns the most popular mattress review website Sleepopolis. This is the first video review we’ve seen from the new owners and are happy to see the same levels of thorough testing and useful feedback as before.

Though it’s a US based review it’s the same mattress you’ll be buying in the UK and it covers the main questions potential buyers will be asking.

You’ll get a look under the Leesa cover to see the three layers of foam and how they function. It also covers Leesa’s extensive social involvement and how it differentiates Leesa from the competition.

Runner Up: If you want to go even more in-depth then Mike from the ever reliable GoodBed.com spends almost half an hour reviewing the Leesa.

Vouchers & Discounts

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Prices & Factsheet

Leesa tech specs from mattress prices & sizes to warranty info

Where to buy the Leesa mattress? Purchasing from Leesa’s website is your best option as you can save using our Leesa voucher and benefit from the 100 day sleep trial. Amazon is the only other Leesa seller we could find.

Leesa UK Mattress Sizes

Buy direct from Leesa below:

Single Bed
Width: 90 cm
Length: 190 cm
Depth: 25 cm

buy online

Double bed - Leesa mattress reviews
Width: 135 cm
Length: 190 cm
Depth: 25 cm

buy online

King Size bed
Width: 150 cm
Length: 200 cm
Depth: 25 cm

buy online

Super King Bed - Leesa mattress reviews
Width: 180 cm
Length: 200 cm
Depth: 25 cm

buy online

Leesa EU Mattress Sizes

Slightly roomier alternative to UK sizes:

EU Single Bed
Width: 90 cm
Length: 200 cm
Depth: 25 cm

buy online

Eu Double Bed - Leesa mattress reviews
Width: 140 cm
Length: 200 cm
Depth: 25 cm

buy online

EU King Size - Leesa mattress reviews
Width: 160 cm
Length: 200 cm
Depth: 25 cm

buy online

leesa mattress reviews - side sleeper
After analysing so many Leesa mattress reviews we need to go and lie down on one too.

Leesa Factsheet

Leesa mattress FAQs in a nutshell.

  1. Materials & Construction
    The Leesa has a washable, zip-off cover and is built with 3 foam layers:

    Cooling Avena® Foam (5cm ) Top layer keeps you cool and adds bounce.

    Pressure relieving Memory Foam: (5cm ) Supportive layer for pressure relief.

    Dense Support Foam: (15cm ) Deepest layer adds strength and durability.

  2. Mattress Weight Single: 20kg, Double: 31kg, King Size: 34kg, Super King Size: 40kg.
  3. 100 Night Trial & Warranty
    When you buy your mattress from Leesa you’ll get a 100 night trial (with free return pick up). If you decide to keep the mattress it’s protected with a 10 year limited warranty.
  4. Shipping & Returns
    Delivery & returns are always free. Leesa currently ship to the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany & Austria. All mattresses arrive in a 45cm x 45cm x 114cm box.
  5. Contact Leesa UK
    Call: 0800 011 9500 (Mon-Fri 9:30am-5:30pm), live chat or email support@leesa.co.uk
  6. Leesa Social Media
    Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Youtube  |  Pinterest

Image Gallery

View our gallery of close ups, cross sections and cool Leesa photos

Official photos of Leesa mattresses including a look at the various layers and materials used.

[URIS id=1336]


Review magazine T3 summed up Leesa nicely in their article on the 10 best mattresses saying ‘With great sleeping comes great social responsibility’.

Leesa have made a mattress that most reviewers and owners report sits right in the sweet-spot between firmness and bounce. In other words it’s just right. Coupled with Leesa’s hands-on commitment to ethical causes and community support buying a Leesa is a purchase you can feel good about.

The Leesa is right up there with the best of the bed-in-a-box mattresses at a very reasonable price (especially using our discount). Their community projects give them an edge in an increasingly competitive market.


  • Excellent commitment by company to social responsibility
  • Good compromise for couples with different preferences on firmness
  • Rated excellent in tests simulating long term durability
  • Many reviewers rated it highly for helping with back pain
  • Good bounce without that memory foam sinking feeling
  • 100 night trial to try it out
  • 10 year warranty


  • Can be difficult to manoeuvre
  • Heavier weight sleepers might find it lacks support
  • Chemical smell can linger
  • Edge support not super strong

Buy Online at Leesa ➔

The End

Respect, you’ve reached the summit of our guide to Leesa mattress reviews!

We hope you found our guide useful and wish you a long and restful sleep-fest with your Leesa mattress if you decide to buy it!

Definitely the end of our Leesa mattress reviews page. Really. That’s all folks!