Studio by Silentnight Mattress Reviews

Updated: November 25th, 2019

Best Mattress UK
If you don’t agree with the “one fits all” approach, then the Silentnight Studio mattress is a great choice as you can choose the firmness that suits you better. It all comes packed in a box with a two man delivery service that is the best I have experienced so far.
Even after years of use, this mattress will still be as supportive as when you started sleeping on it. It won't sag or soften either, so if you like the feel of it when new, you can count on that level of comfort for years to come.
Sleepscore: 84
Average score from leading mattress review websites.
Owner score: 92
Average rating from over 50 owner reviews

The Studio mattress in a nutshell

While putting together this thorough guide to the Studio by Silentnight mattress we took a wide ranging look at reviews from mattress experts and bloggers as well as dozens of owners on the many review sites.

Studio by Silentnight is a mattress that is manufactured in three different firmness levels – firm, medium and soft – making it easier for sleepers to find the version that feels just right.

It has three layers, combining support foam with memory foam and Geltex to create maximum comfort and keep it cool.

Our job is to find out what mattress experts and people in the real world think of it. Let’s get started…

Our Silentnight review mission

The biggest global mattress brands like Casper receive thousands of reviews worldwide. But Silentnight is a more local enterprise. Sitting on the edge of a picturesque canal in Lancashire, the company have been making mattresses for over 70 years.

While that’s good news for British manufacturing it’s not so great for finding lots of reviews from leading mattress reviewers – if they can’t sleep on a Silentnight, they can’t review it either, right?

In a way this doesn’t make the buyer’s choice any easier – yes there are less reviews to slog through but trying to find them in the vastness of the internet can be a pain. And once you find them, how do you know which ones to trust?

Well, this is where we come in. We’ve studiously analysed dozens and dozens of review sites and consumer sites to root out whatever Studio by Silentnight mattress reviews we could find.

We’ve selected the most helpful and informative comments to let you make an educated decision on whether it’s worth spending your hard earned money on a Studio by Silentnight mattress.

We’ve also created an image gallery of photos and picked out the best video reviews as well to give you a better idea of what the mattress looks like once it arrives on your doorstep. So sit back and relax while we take you through our findings.

Studio by Silentnight in three layers

The mattress consists of three layers plus the mattress cover. The top layer is made of a material called Geltex – essentially a combination of very elastic gel and air-permeable foam – which helps cool the mattress down.

The middle layer is made of memory foam which provides support and pressure relief. At the bottom you’ll find a thick layer of support foam, which creates the base for the mattress but also adds extra support and comfort.

The mattress is covered with an anti-allergenic removable fabric making it easy to clean and wash.

Well trusted and environmentally friendly

An independent survey carried out in UK found Silentnight to be the country’s most trusted bed-brand. Silentnight also have over 70 years of heritage during which they’ve grown to become the biggest bed manufacturer in UK. All of their products – not just mattresses but beds and headboards as well – are handmade in their UK factories.

We were especially happy to read that not only are they designing and manufacturing all of their products in Britain, but they are also environmentally conscious, using only timber from known sources with certification from the Forest Stewardship Council as well as winning the prestigious 2017 Sustainability Award by the Furniture Makers’ Company.

Studio by Silentnight Mattress Reviews - interior
The medium version of the three firmness choices available for the Studio by Silentnight mattress.

90 per cent of the waste generated by the production gets recycled. Silentnight have introduced a new scheme called the Mattress Disposal Service, which essentially gives new life to your old mattresses, recycling them and making them into new products. Silentnight is seriously investing in cutting their carbon footprint by participating in energy saving and fuel cutting schemes. You can save up to £150 by trading in your old mattress on qualifying mattresses.

They’re also taking care of the workers’ rights, trying to eliminate any mind of labour exploitation and ensure maximum transparency of labour practices and standards. As a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative they’re making sure to create a safe and happy work environment for their employees.

Finally, Silentnight is very active in the community. Their award-winning apprenticeship scheme is providing young people with jobs and they’re also lending their hand to young and aspiring athletes, supporting and sponsoring them so that they can start building their professional careers.

Expert Reviews – 86%

Average rating from test reviews & leading mattress expert websites

We’re happy that Silentnight has over 70 years of experience of masterfully creating beds for UK homes. This sounds like a big win in the trustability stakes. But the proof is in the pudding. So let’s examine some Studio by Silentnight mattress reviews and see what those mattress experts thought when laying down their weary bones on the Studio memory foam mattress.

Studio by Silentnight mattress awards

Smaller awards given out by mattress experts in the media are highly appreciated by companies. People often make their decisions based on word of mouth, so getting a place in The Bedding Shop’s Top 10 list is a commendable accolade.

Silentnight Studio Mattress Reviews - Independent
The Independent 17 Best Mattresses
“The unique combination of gel and memory foam responds perfectly to the contours of your body, creating no nasty pressure points that you get with many pocket sprung mattresses in the same price point.”
Read full review…

Unpacking the Which Review

Like we said, receiving high praise from Which is probably the best a mattress-maker can expect. Tested in both labs and real-life situations, their approach to mattress reviewing is seriously thorough. They go through hundreds of mattresses every year trying to establish the best purchases for customers too often spoilt for choice.

They really do carry out a staggering amount of tests so you can trust what they have to say.

So, what are they saying?

“This impressive foam mattress aced our body support and durability tests. It’s one of the best mattresses we’ve tested in years”

If you want to read it all and also get to know how their tests are run and where Silentnight ranks as a brand, read their full review with a Which free trial subscription.

Studio By Silentnight Mattress Reviews - Layering
Inside view of the Studio By Silentnight Mattress. We’re not sure what the lightbulb & scissors mean either.

Key Points From Mattress Reviewers

Mike from Best Mattress UK really liked how the customer can choose between three different firmness levels. He tested their firm version and said:

This is the firmest mattress I have tried so for anyone who likes a really firm feeling this is a really good choice.

Sasha Wilkins who writes the blog Liberty London Girl reckons this is truly a perfect mattress.

But, take it from me, I don’t just like my new mattress, I love it. I have been sleeping so soundly that I have to set three alarms to pierce my deep, deep rest. My back, which has always been wonky, doesn’t ache from the moment I wake, and I don’t have to stretch to unfold my spine each morning.

Helen Powell running the Design Hunter blog is happy with the design concept as well as the comfort of Silentnight mattress.

Concept is all about style and simplicity. The beds are designed to offer a great night’s sleep, but they’ve also clearly given a lot of thought to how an item as important as a bed fits in with our modern lifestyles.

Owner Reviews – 86%

Average rating from over 50 reviews by Studio by Silentnight mattress owners.

Analysing Studio by Silentnight mattress reviews by owners

The Studio mattress has gathered a lot of positive reviews on the Silentnight website via Revoo. A lot of people are happy with the support and comfort the mattress offers. Sandra writes:

Soft but supportive. Takes pressure off joints, shoulders and hips. Cool, unlike memory foam toppers I’ve had before. No need for a topper now. Very pleased with it.

N. Roberts found that his sleep quality was significantly improved by his new Studio mattress. He writes on

“So my first night, didn’t feel much softer than my old orthopaedic mattress, and if you asked me this morning, I’d probably say I didn’t sleep any better… But, having checked my pebble watch it states I had 4hrs 19 mins deep sleep. I average 2hrs 20 mins most nights, so it must be doing something right (I’ve never done more than 3hrs!) – I’m impressed!

Many reviewers point out the good quality and price of the mattress. Angela writes on

I must admit I was a little concerned at the whole mattress in a box idea, but I needn’t have been at all. It expanded fully within minutes although I did leave it the recommended 24 hours, airing in a well-ventilated room, before I used it. It’s a supportive mattress and I find I don’t toss and turn at night half as much as I used to. I had been very tempted by a Tempur mattress I tried which retailed at £1699 but this mattress feels just as good at less than a third of the price!

Studio by Silentnight mattresses - couple
The strange case of missing bedsheets and duvets on Studio by Silentnight mattresses.

However, not everyone is so full of praise. There are a few reviews contradicting the opinion that the mattress stays cool. Hank writes on

It’s October, and even with a 8 tog duvet, the heat is too much. This is my first memory foam mattress, so if you are used to memory foam, then this may not be a problem for you.

Also, it seems to be quite a handful when you need to turn the mattress. Elizabeth writes on the Silentnight site:

It takes two people to turn the mattress, so I have to wait for hubby when I change the bedding.

Another problem that the mattress seems to have is a slight chemical smell after unboxing. Candi writes on

The smell off it was so overwhelming that I could not sleep even one night on it and after all this time it still stinks!

Guide to Studio by Silentnight mattress reviews

There aren’t too many reviews around for Studio by Silentnight but it’s still worth taking these measures to find the best online feedback.

  1. Look for “confirmed purchase”
    Silentnight’s website has quite a few good reviews, which are really helpful as they display the type of mattress purchased by the reviewer and the purchase date. Meanwhile shows next to the review, whether the purchase has been verified or not. This really makes it more trustworthy and easier to navigate.
  2. Genuine customer feedback
    There are over 1200 reviews of Silentnight on Trustpilot but that’s not to say all of them have to do with the Silentnight Studio mattress. However, quite a few of them do and besides, you can find a lot of feedback on the company itself, their customer service and delivery results.
  3. The showroom vs video clips
    Silentnight is unique in the bed-in-a-box world by having a showroom where you can check out their mattresses and there are some retailers that stock the mattress as well. Still, if you’re not so keen to venture out, you can always check out some videos to get a feel for the mattress.

Studio owner review scores

Average customer rating shown below. Visit each link for full reviews.

Over 4 Studio mattress reviews.
Over 30 Studio mattress ratings.

Best Video Review

There are no Studio by Silentnight mattress reviews on video yet

Unfortunately, you won’t find any Studio by Silentnight mattress reviews on Youtube – so far it’s just promotional videos and unboxing clips of the mattress. Design Hunter produced our favourite unboxing video to date:

Vouchers & Discounts

Get two Silentnight Pillows high your mattress for a limited time

If you’re buying a new mattress you might as well replace your pillows too – with this Silentnight deal you get two of their best pillows thrown in for free!

Studio By Silentnight Mattress Reviews Voucher 2 FREE PILLOWS
Get 2 Studio by Silentnight pillows
Get two free Studio by Silentnight Pillows worth £49 each when you buy a Double, King or Super-King Studio by Silentnight mattress.

Studio by Silentnight Pillows received a 9.8 out of 10 rating from Revoo users and 4 out of 5 stars from dozens of Amazon reviewers.

What’s differentiates the Studio by Silentnight pillow from others are the 3 removable pillow pads it contains giving you up to 7 different height and comfort levels. They have a knitted cover and an anti-allergy hollow-fiber filling to boot.

If you buy a double, king or super-king Studio mattress you’ll receive two free pillows. The single mattress comes with one free pillow. Usually priced at £49 each, this adds up to a pretty sweet deal.

Prices & Factsheet

All you need to know about the Studio by Silentnight mattress

You’ve reached your decision and want to buy the Studio by Silentnight. If you go to their website, you can add it to your basket right there or alternatively check out the other retailers who sell their mattresses both on and offline, also listed on their website. The mattress is also on sale at

Studio Single & Double Sizes

Buy direct from Silentnight below:

Single Bed
Width: 90 cm
Length: 190 cm
Depth: 26 cm

buy online

Double bed - Leesa mattress reviews
Width: 135 cm
Length: 190 cm
Depth: 26 cm

buy online

Studio by Silentnight King Sizes

Studio Mattress King sizes:

EU King Size - Leesa mattress reviews
Width: 150 cm
Length: 200 cm
Depth: 26 cm

buy online

EU King Size - Leesa mattress reviews
Width: 180 cm
Length: 200 cm
Depth: 26 cm

buy online

Studio by Silentnight Mattress Reviews - foam layers
See below for a numbered guide to each of the four layers in the Silentnight Studio mattress.

Studio by Silentnight Factsheet

Studio by Silentnight mattress – short and sweet FAQs.

  1. Materials & Construction
    You should know that all Studio by Silentnight mattresses come in three different versions – soft, medium and firm. They are all covered by soft breathable anti-allergenic cotton cover, which can easily be removed for washing.
    Other than the cover, they have three layers: (photo here if you scroll down a wee bit: ):

    1. Anti-allergy cover: Allergy UK approved, anti-allergy cover with a soft-touch knitted finish.

    2. A thin Geltex-infused layer: This layer provides comfort and keeps you cool – infused with their special Geltex mixture it comes with highly elastic Active Response technology, creating bounce and minimising motion transfer.

    3. Memory foam layer: Thick layer of memory foam providing both comfort and pressure relief.

    4. Foam core layer: High density Studio Flex foam core – ranging from firm to soft, according to your preferences – provides support.

  2. Mattress Weight Single: 23kg, Double: 32kg, King Size: 36kg, Super King Size: 40kg.
  3. 60 Night Trial & Warranty
    Studio by Silentnight comes with a 60 Night comfort trial, which means that you can exchange your mattress during that period of time if you’re not entirely happy with it. Your mattresses also have a 5-year guarantee for peace of mind.
  4. Shipping & Returns
    Delivery and returns are free to most addresses within the mainland United Kingdom. The mattresses arrive in a box, except for the super king size option, which will be delivered flat.
  5. Contact Silentnight
    Call: 01282 813333, or email
  6. Silentnight Social Media
    Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Youtube  |  Pinterest

Image Gallery

View our gallery of close ups, cross sections of the Studio by Silentnight mattress.

Official photos of the Studio including a breakdown of the various layers and materials.

[URIS id=3597]


If it’s a UK manufactured memory foam mattress you’re after you’ll be hard pushed to find a better priced product than Studio by Silentnight. The value and quality are unquestionable, even if there are less reviews online than there are for some of its bigger competitors.

It’s also the only bed-in-a-box mattress that comes with three firmness options to choose from.

At the same time – memory foam isn’t for everyone. If you’re not used to it, you might find it too soft for your liking and too hot to sleep on, especially on warmer summer months. However, we generally found mostly positive reviews complimenting the Studio by Silentnight mattress as a great all round mattress.


  • The mattress comes in three different firmness options, making it easier to choose the best one for your needs
  • Scored highly for comfort and pressure relief
  • Good edge support, no sagging
  • A Geltex layer helps to cool the mattress down
  • Designed and produced in UK
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • The possibility of testing it out in a showroom
  • Great price compared to similar mattresses


  • Could be too hot for you on summer months
  • Difficult to turn
  • Chemical smell can linger after unboxing
  • No EU-sizes
  • Shorter trial period and guarantee time than some of its competitors

Buy Online at Silentnight ➔

The End

That’s all, folks! We understand that reading a review is not quite as entertaining as Loony Tunes, so well done for reaching the very end.

We had fun putting this guide together for you and we hope you enjoyed reading it. Happy sleeping on your Studio by Silentnight mattress if you decide to purchase it.

Studio by Silentnight mattresses - box
The next time you see this box could be on your doorstep. If so we hope you enjoy it!