Casper Mattress Reviews

Casper Mattress Reviews

Updated: December 14th, 2019

Mattress Clarity
In my mind it really stands apart in terms of comfort – definitely a top choice of latex-like mattress feels on the market.
Hack To Sleep
We highly recommend it to anyone who can’t seem to get a good night’s rest with their traditional memory foam mattress.
Sleep Scouts
The Casper is deservedly a popular choice; a clear leader in its field and a deserved pick of the bunch for Sleep Scout.
Mattress Guides
Casper brought to the market a new kind of quality mattress with an innovative design and approach at a decent price.
Our Sleep Guide
If you are of average weight and a back sleeper, then the Casper mattress could be a great choice for you.
One of the best we've ever tested, flying through our tough tests with ease." Which Best Buy, June 2019.
Consumer Reports
The mattress's surface was excellent at conforming to various shapes, maximizing contact with the sleeper.
Sleepscore: 84
Average score from leading mattress review websites.
Owner score: 84
Average rating from over 6,400 owner reviews

Your one stop Casper guide

Searching Google for ‘Casper mattress reviews’ and feeling overwhelmed with too many options? Sit back, pat yourself on the back and enjoy a cup of tea and a biscuit. You’ve just found the best place to help you make a smart decision.

The Casper in a nutshell

The Casper is an all foam mattress made from four different layers. A breathable top layer adds bounce and keeps you cool. A memory foam layer comes next for comfort and support. A third layer helps distribute your weight and a final deeper layer provides stability and durability.

Casper’s UK invasion

The US based start-up began selling their mattress-in-a-box online in the spring of 2014. Their quirky animated ads, word of mouth sales and affordable pricing meant Casper were suddenly everywhere and revolutionised the US mattress space.

Fast forward two years and Casper’s aim to become the ‘Nike of the sleep world’ saw them expand to the UK market.

With Best Buy awards from Which & The Independent already under their belt, Casper’s UK launch is going rather well. Manufacturing their mattresses in the UK is a good start but is Casper’s success largely down to clever marketing or do they make a seriously good mattress? I’ll walk you through the data right after this Casper unboxing video…

As if by magic the Casper mattress unfurls from a 47 x 47 x 108cm box.

Unboxing Casper mattress reviews

With so many Casper mattress reviews out there it’s difficult to know where to start and who to trust. Our job at sleepbase is to seek out the most insightful Casper mattress reviews in print, online and video and illustrate their findings in the simplest way possible.

In the following section we’ll be mining the thoughts of expert mattress reviewers (mattesticians?!) to find out what lies beneath those clever ads. Or you can jump ahead to the Casper mattress owner review section for the lowdown from long term users.

Expert Reviews – 85%

Average rating from test studies & leading mattress review websites

Our introduction to Casper mattresses came via Marc Maron’s podcast. Marc (& producer Brendan) received new mattresses when Casper became a sponsor and they’ve been raving about them ever since. But Maron’s not evaluating mattresses every day so what do pro reviewers make of the Casper mattress compared to the competition?

Casper mattress awards

Here’s some of Casper’s most recent accolades from comprehensive testing. As you can see it hasn’t taken long for Casper mattresses to start racking up awards since their UK launch.

Casper Mattress Reviews - Which Best Buy
Which Best Buy
Scored very highly in durability & support after simulating 10 years of use.
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Casper Review - The Independent Best Buy
Independent Best Buy
Stable, breathable & ranked top of their list of the 16 best mattresses in the UK.
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Casper Mattress Reviews - Consumer Reports Best Buy
Consumer Reports Best Buy
The independent US review site praised the Casper’s versatility and breathability.
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The Sweethome Runner Up
SweetHome Runner Up
Over 40 hours of research & sleep tests saw Casper rank in 2nd place out of 15.
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One size fits all?

After extensive research Casper determined that one mattress could accommodate the vast majority of sleeping positions and body types. Which certainly agreed giving the Casper their ‘Best Buy In A Box’ award. The Independent were quick to follow suit heralding Casper as their “favourite of the new-generation bed-in-a-box options” along with their Best Buy award.

Casper mattress and a Shetland Pony wearing a Cardigan
The maximum height of a Shetland pony is 107cm which just happens to be the exact height of the Casper box. Yes, this is absolutely an excuse to Photoshop an adorable photo from VisitScotland.

While TheSweetHome awarded the Leesa mattress their top foam mattress award they were quick to praise Casper as top runner-up highlighting its suitability for the not-so-still sleeper:

“The Casper’s mix of four foams may work better for people who switch positions often, especially onto their back, or for couples that include back-sleepers.”

Key Points From Mattress Reviewers

The Casper mattress scored a high sleepscore rating from mattress review websites with an average of 4 or more stars out of 5. Here’s some key points from their findings.

Joe Auer from Mattress Clarity reckons the combination of comfort foam and memory foam on the Casper mattress provide sufficient resilience for something in-between memory foam and a traditional mattress:

“If you want pressure relief but don’t like the slow-moving feel of just memory foam, the Casper could be a good choice.”

Sleepopolis says the Casper has a medium firmness feel, giving a rating of 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale (1 being very soft, 10 very firm). Honest Mattress Reviews give the Casper a firmness rating of 6.9 out of 10. Most tests put Casper in the same ballpark.

Casper mattress Reviews - Wes Anderson
“If Wes Anderson made a movie about a mattress company, it would probably look a lot like Casper.” Find out what goes on behind the curtain at Casper HQ in this enjoyable Fast Company feature.

Consumer Reports is funded solely through subscribers (no advertising) so their testing can be as unbiased and trustworthy as possible. Here’s what they said about the Casper:

“It showed only minor changes after eight years of simulated use. It transmitted little vibration from one side of the bed to the other, and changing positions was fairly easy.”

Their only quibbles were a lack of handles for turning and it was a little softer than expected.

Owner Reviews – 84%

Average rating from over 6,400 reviews by Casper mattress owners

Knowing which Casper reviews to trust

Ah, the joys of customer reviews. You browse through dozens of 4 and 5 star casper mattress reviews and are just about to add it to your basket when that dreaded 1 star review grinds your buying zeal to a halt.

Couple that with the very real problem of review fraud, dubious tactics and inflated ratings and it can all get very messy. How to combat confusion on the quest to buy a Casper mattress?

Casper mattress artwork
Buying a Casper mattress turned everything in this owner’s bedroom blue. Be careful folks.

Follow our checklist below and you’ll be much better equipped to navigate your way through the Casper mattress reviews jungle!

Genuine Casper mattress reviews

Use these 3 tips to help you find the most helpful & trustworthy Casper reviews online:

  1. The best website for owner reviews
    Make your first port of call the owner ratings on SleepLikeTheDead. Mattresses are rated in various categories from edge support to back pain. It’s an excellent way to see at a glance how hundreds of owners feel about their Casper mattress.
  2. Best site for filtering fake reviews
    Check the trustworthiness of Casper reviews on Amazon (UK & US) using ReviewMeta. Read their UK and US analysis of Casper mattress reviews (adjust the criteria settings to suit).
  3. Don’t forget video reviews
    Watch before you read. Watching a comprehensive Casper video review can give you a much better feel for the mattress than written reviews. Demonstrations beat descriptions when evaluating mattresses.

Casper owner review scores

Average customer rating shown below. Visit each link to read reviews in full.

Amazon UK
Over 15 Casper mattress reviews.
Casper UK
Over 5000 Casper mattress reviews.
Amazon US
Over 850 Casper mattress reviews.
Over 5 Casper mattress reviews.
Over 250 Casper mattress reviews.
Over 100 Casper mattress ratings.

Writing for David Kender gives a succinct summation of 18 months on a Casper after complaining about his old mattress for years…

I bought a Casper mattress a year-and-a-half ago, and only recently did I realize just how much I liked it. How did I know? Because I stopped thinking about mattresses altogether—truly the hallmark of a mattress doing its job.

Best Video Review

If you only watch one Casper mattress review video, make it this one

There are zillions of Casper mattress reviews on Youtube but too many are thin on content and thick on clickbait titles and referral links. While there are some decent Casper reviews there are only a few in-depth, unbiased examples providing real insight into what the mattress is like to live with.

Thankfully we found mattress reviewer Michael Magnuson (founder of and he’s put together an incredibly comprehensive half hour review of the 2017 Casper mattress.

After watching this video you’ll have learned more about the Casper mattress than you ever thought you needed to know. Enjoy the bowling ball and skittle test to assess whether the Casper mattress will disturb your partner’s sleep as you get up in the middle of the night.

Runner Up: A close second place goes to Justin & Crystal from Our Sleep Guide whose Casper mattress unboxing & review is just as thorough and demonstrates that it never gets old to see a massive mattress emerging from a much, much smaller box.

Vouchers & Discounts

Casper discounts and vouchers

There are no Casper voucher codes around at the moment but check back here for any updates and we’ll add new Casper discount codes as they’re announced.

Prices & Factsheet

Casper tech specs from mattress prices & sizes to warranty info

Where to buy the Casper mattress? Direct from Casper’s website is best as you’ll receive the free 100 day trial with your purchase. The only other place you can buy a Casper mattress is Amazon but check with them before you buy to confirm you’re eligible for the full sleep trial.

Casper UK Mattress Sizes

Buy direct from Casper below:

Single Bed
Width: 90 cm
Length: 190 cm
Depth: 24 cm

buy online

Double bed
Width: 135 cm
Length: 190 cm
Depth: 24 cm

buy online

King Size bed
Width: 150 cm
Length: 200 cm
Depth: 24 cm

buy online

Super King Bed
Width: 180 cm
Length: 200 cm
Depth: 24 cm

buy online

Casper EU Mattress Sizes

Slightly roomier alternative to UK sizes:

EU Single Bed
Width: 90 cm
Length: 200 cm
Depth: 24 cm

buy online

Eu Double Bed
Width: 140 cm
Length: 200 cm
Depth: 24 cm

buy online

EU King Size
Width: 160 cm
Length: 200 cm
Depth: 24 cm

buy online

Casper mattress UK delivery
UK delivery – Casper ships via UPS within one business day of the order being placed.

Casper Factsheet

Casper mattress FAQs in a nutshell.

  1. Materials & Construction
    The Casper has a washable, zip-off cover and is built with 4 foam layers:

    Open Cell Foam (3.8cm ) Top layer keeps you cool and adds bounce.

    Responsive Memory Foam: (3.8cm ) Supportive layer for pressure relief.

    Adaptive Transition Foam: (3.8cm ) Provides uniform weight distribution.

    Durable Support Foam: (12.7cm ) Deepest layer adds durability.

  2. Mattress Weight
    Single: 24kg, Double: 33kg, King: 37kg, Super King: 44kg.
  3. 100 Night Trial & Warranty
    When you buy your mattress from Casper you’ll get a 100 night trial (with free return pick up). If you decide to keep the mattress it’s protected with a 10 year warranty.
  4. Shipping & Returns
    Delivery and returns are always free. Casper currently ship via UPS to the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada & the US. All mattresses arrive in a 47x47x108cm box.
  5. Contact Casper UK
    Call: 0800 980 6900, Text: 01432 233155
  6. Casper Social Media
    Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Youtube  |  Pinterest

Image Gallery

View our gallery of close ups, cross sections and cool Casper photos

Official photos of Casper mattresses including a look at the various layers and materials used.

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Casper have created a fun and quirky company who make a mighty fine mattress. They’re also one of the biggest online mattress companies on the planet so your 10 year warranty is in safe hands as they’ll be here for the long haul.

The general consensus from the best mattress review sites is that Casper’s a well made medium-firm mattress which isn’t likely to disappoint the majority of customers. At the same time the competition for bed-in-a-box mattresses keeps expanding and improving so there are genuine alternatives to Casper’s one size fits all mattress at similar prices.


  • Great for stomach and/or back sleepers
  • Ideal if you like a medium-firm feel
  • Much more supportive than a pure memory foam mattress
  • Well constructed, durable & breathable
  • 100 night trial to try it out
  • 10 year warranty


  • Weighing over 30kg means it can be difficult to rotate with no handles
  • Slighter or heavier side sleepers may find there’s too much/too little support
  • Chemical smell might last a few days
  • Edge support isn’t the best

Buy Online at Casper ➔

The End

Congratulations, you’ve reached the end of our mammoth guide to Casper mattress reviews!

We hope you found our guide helpful and hope you love your new Casper mattress if you decide to buy it.

Casper mattress reviews and a dog
As good an image as any to end on.