Leesa mattress review

Leesa Mattress Review

Updated: February 19th, 2020

The 100 Night Challenge

Order a Leesa mattress online and you’re promised 100 nights to fall in love with your Leesa mattress. If you don’t love it then Leesa will refund you in full and arrange a free pickup so you don’t have to worry about squeezing it back in the box. Even better, they’ll donate the mattress to a local charity, or failing that, have one of their recycling partners collect it.

So when I was offered a Leesa mattress to review for sleepbase I decided to put their promise to the test and use it for the full 100 nights before coming to any conclusions.

If I loved it – I’d keep it for the long term. If I didn’t – I’d arrange for its collection and the hunt for a just right mattress would continue. I’d go back at the drawing board and probably try sleeping on that too.

Continue reading my Leesa Mattress review to find out how it went…

Leesa Mattress Review - Donation
Leesa donate 1 mattress for every 10 they sell. Shown here at The Wallich, a Homeless Charity in Wales.

A company with a conscience

What first drew me to Leesa was their hands-on commitment to social responsibility. Leesa’s One-Ten initiative sees them donate one mattress for every ten they sell (over 30,000 mattresses donated so far). Leesa’s One-Earth project has them plant one tree for every mattress they sell while One-Community sees Leesa give time and resources to local and national organisations. Leesa have been awarded B-Corp staus for their ethical initiatives.

So far so good. A company with strong ethics I can get behind. Next stop: the mattress. After crunching the numbers of the main mattress expert review sites we recently awarded the Leesa mattress our joint highest sleepscore rating of 86. Combined with a Which Best Buy plus Good Housekeeping & Men’s Health lab seals of approval the signs are promising…

Ordering & Delivery

Ordering the Leesa mattress online was a breeze. Selecting the King Size Euro version (to fit an Ikea bed frame) it arrived as scheduled in 5 working days. The world’s best natured UPS delivery driver carried it up to my top floor flat with a cheery smile. At 36kg, I was just happy to lift the (43x43x113cm) box over my doorstep.

Leesa Mattress Boxed
The arrival. A Tardis like box with a Leesa King Size mattress squeezed inside.

Unboxing the Leesa Mattress

Whoever invented the mattress-in-a-box should be knighted for service to residents of flats and small spaces. Haul a traditional king size mattress up 4 flights of stairs? No thanks.

It’s amazing how small the compressed the Leesa mattress is compared to how big it ends up. Like George Ezra having that singing voice. Some things just don’t compute.

Set up took less than 5 minutes following the simple instructions on the Leesa website…

Leesa recommends 24 hours to fully decompress the mattress but you won’t be sued or anything if you sleep on it after a few hours like I did. There was a noticeable chemical-ish smell for the first few hours but nothing too unpleasant and was totally gone by the next day.

First Impressions

The Leesa Mattress feels like a quality item. The seamless grey and white striped cover feels soft and luxurious to the touch. Almost a shame to hide it under bedsheets.

Leesa Mattress cover
All Leesa mattress materials are manufactured in the UK and all foams are CFC free.

The first time lying down on the Leesa mattress felt comfortable if a little unusual. I was so used to my old memory foam mattress of 7 years that the Leesa mattress felt firmer in comparison. My previous mattress had a 7.5cm top layer of memory foam supported by a 12.5cm foam base-layer.

The Leesa mattress has three layers. A 5cm Top Layer of cooling Avena foam sits above 5cm of contouring memory foam with a 15cm core support foam base. I didn’t sink into it like my previous mattress, I’d describe it as more of a floaty-yet-supported feeling.

Leesa Mattress Review - Layers
A cut-away cross section view of the Leesa mattress layers to save you slicing open your own.

Leesa says their mattress is “designed to cradle and support your body while avoiding the sinking feeling and overheating found in other foam mattresses”. This chimes exactly with how the Leesa mattress felt for me. How refreshing when a company’s marketing claims actually match your real life experience!

For mattress geeks the top two layers have a density of 50kg/m3 with the support base 33kg/m3. I have no idea what that means but here’s how it looks with a 16kg kettlebell on it.

Leesa mattress review - kettlebell
The Wirecutter tested the support of the Leesa Mattress with a kettlebell – if it’s good enough for them…

The sleeping experience

Weirdly my first night’s sleep on the Leesa mattress wasn’t accompanied by angels singing lullabies while I floated off to the best sleep of my life. It felt… different. I slept alright but the Leesa mattress felt unfamiliar and new. The second night was when the Leesa mattress started working its magic…

It was the first really hot night of the year yet I woke feeling refreshed after the best night’s sleep I’d had in ages. It’s one thing to read about the cooling benefits of that top layer of Avena foam but it’s another to experience it for real. No more melting into the mattress like I did with my previous mattress with its thick top layer of memory foam. I also felt well supported with some of that cloud like feeling you hear about with the best mattresses.

100 days sleeping on the Leesa Mattress

I just passed 100 days of sleeping on the Leesa mattress and I still love it. It’s the ‘just right’ mattress I’ve been hoping for. The cooling top layer made hot summer nights way more bearable while somehow maintaining a cosy temperature for the chillier nights of Autumn. Just this morning I woke from an 8 hour sleep feeling incredibly well rested and super comfortable. No mean feat for a light sleeper like me.

I thought I’d miss the sinking feeling of of my previous memory foam mattress but I really don’t. The extra support has helped my sleeping posture and my back’s thanking me for it. It’s also a relief to have a mattress with better temperature regulation and it still looks the same as day one with no dips or body contours.

Leesa Mattress Review
As the best mattress I’ve owned I’m happy to give the Leesa Mattress my highest Rating of 90%

Leesa mattress review – conclusion

All in all the Leesa mattress and service from Leesa has been first class. The attention to detail and design is evident across the board and has proved a real upgrade to my sleeping experience. I can also sleep well knowing the Leesa mattress is made by a company that does way more than pay lip service to their social impact on local communities. If you like the feeling of memory foam but miss the support of a pocket-sprung mattress then the Leesa mattress could be a great option for you. I’m certainly going to be keeping mine for years.

TLDR: Leesa won the 100 night challenge. I’m delighted to lose 🙂

Leesa Mattress Discount

Leesa have kindly given our readers a unique voucher for £100 off any Leesa mattress.

Use the code: SLEEPBASE to get £100 off any Leesa mattress at Leesa UK.

Enter the voucher at checkout and you’ll only pay £350 for a single, £550 for a double and £650 for a King Size. See our Leesa mattress size guide for other sizes.

I hope you love the Leesa mattress as much as me if you decide to try it!